Our mission

Develop, grow and attract economic opportunities for the people and businesses in the City of Miramichi.

What does the Department of Economic Development and Tourism do?

Position the City of Miramichi

  • We position the City of Miramichi to the world as a great place to live, work, invest, and visit.
  • The department is also the principal policy advisor on business attraction and retention.

Build key relationships

  • We work to foster relationships with community business partners as well as with key provincial and federal government departments.
  • We build on the Miramichi region’s strengths in agriculture and natural resource processing, construction, administration, regional services and tourism.

Promote economic growth by help businesses succeed

  • The department develops and manages programs that assist in increasing the tax assessment base as well as creating potential employment opportunities.
  • We also plan and execute strategies that align with the needs of developers, local businesses and city council in order to cultivate economic growth.

Attract new residents to the City of Miramichi

  • Grow the population to meet the workforce replacement demand and support growing industries.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient and appropriate housing to support population growth.

Our vision

The City of Miramichi is a centre of economic growth; welcoming new ideas, opportunities and people.
We’re the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and

We’re Here to Help

Start by getting in touch to learn more about opportunities in the City of Miramichi.

The department is overseen by Miramichi’s city council. You can learn more about the council members on the city’s own website.

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