Developer Assistance Committee

December 18, 2020

Contained within the Downtowns Master Plan was a recommendation to create an easier path for developers who were looking to access the information and resources that are required to meet the guidelines within this plan as well as the regulations contained within the City’s Municipal Plan and Zoning Bylaws while adhering to the requirements of the various building and code requirements administered by the MRSC-Planning Services Division.

In January 2020 the City established the Developer Assistance Committee as a tool that developers could use to help guide them through the development process of the City.

The committee consists of the City Manager, the Director of Economic Development & Tourism, the Director of Engineering, the Director of Public Works, the Economic Development Officer and two members of the MRSC-Planning Services Division. The committee meets on an “as needed” basis when developers need assistance. If you are a developer looking at a project within the City, it is advisable to contact us in the earliest stages of your planning so we can help.