Partnering with government initiatives to foster growth in Miramichi

The government of New Brunswick has created a comprehensive population growth strategy for the next five years. This plan, which is based on consultation from local stakeholders, aims to attract and retain residents in order to meet growing labour market needs as New Brunswick’s population ages.

The City of Miramichi is onboard with the government’s action plan for fostering growth through immigration, domestic recruitment, secondary migration, and creating a welcoming community that encourages young New Brunswick to remain in the province.

Population Growth Action Plan

New Brunswick’s action plan for population growth has four main objectives: attract, recruit, create, and engage. The targets of the City of Miramichi align and build on these objectives.

  • Attract skilled workers from other provinces and other countries that align with local labour market needs
  • Attract international students to study and stay in the area
  • Create an environment where newcomers and their families can settle and succeed
  • Create relationships with international students that encourage and empower them to remain in the community
  • Recruit entrepreneurs that encourage sustainable economic growth
  • Recruit international and domestic talent with unique opportunities
  • Engage communities to foster a more diverse and welcoming place
  • Engage with local stakeholders, employers, and newcomers to address social, economic, and cultural concerns to cultivate more accessible communities