Why Miramichi?

As one of the main centres of commerce for the northeastern part of New Brunswick, the City of Miramichi is centrally located to serve a regional population of approximately 68,000 people. The city features two vibrant and unique downtowns each bordering the majestic Miramichi River.

Administration & Business Services

The public and private administration sector has experienced growth in the region as the city serves as a hub for the Northumberland region and beyond. This advantage means the city is poised to further develop within this sector. Potential opportunities could include:

  • taxation and payroll administration
  • regional & provincial conference services
  • human resources services
  • public safety administration

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector includes restaurants, cafes, pubs as well as food manufacturing and catering services. The variety of opportunities within this sector means that there is always room for further growth. Potential opportunities could include:

  • culinary tourism
  • restaurants
  • craft & artisan beverages
  • food processing

Information Technology

IT services incorporate a broad range of opportunities from software development to providing technical support. The remote nature of this work within this sector means that developers can take advantage of the City of Miramichi’s low costs of doing business and various incentive programs. Potential opportunities could include:

  • technical support call centres
  • technical consulting services
  • web design and development consultation
  • cybersecurity
  • fintech


The city recognizes the importance of tourism as an economic generator and has strong products and experiences. The Economic Development and Tourism Department has been actively investing in training and the creation of digital marketing tools to support the tourism industry in the region and the city. Key markets for tourism are families and senior couples from Atlantic Canada and Quebec. Opportunities within this sector could include:

  • bilingual services
  • culinary tourism
  • river equipment rentals, docking and tours
  • outdoor outfitters