Why Miramichi?

The City of Miramichi is committed to fostering growth in targeted sectors. The city is currently in the process of identifying and, where necessary, acquiring the necessary parcels of land to designate as large value-added development properties. These strategic properties are being designated based on the potential needs of sector producers and manufacturers.

Natural Resources

New Brunswick has an extensive history of engagement in the natural resources sector, which currently represents just under 5% of the province’s GDP. Within this sector, opportunities include:

  • agriculture
  • forestry
  • fishing & hunting
  • mining & quarrying
  • oil & gas extraction

The city has identified this sector for growth because of Miramichi’s location within the province and its access to markets within and beyond New Brunswick. Located on the banks of the Miramichi River and surrounded by forest, there are a variety of opportunities are available in this sector.


The city plans to build on its history in this industry to further expand manufacturing operations. Particularly, value-added processes would take advantage of the regional strengths in natural and agricultural resources along with the city’s energy and water capacity. Potential manufacturing opportunities could include the following:

  • seafood processing
  • additional cannabis operations
  • greenhouse operations
  • wood product processing


The City of Miramichi is aggressively looking to attract marijuana production facilities and value-added production facilities to meet the expected growth in the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana sectors.

Our value proposition to companies operating in the cannabis sector is:

  • fully serviced light industrial property that can be transferred to qualified companies for as low as $1.00 (with approved development agreement).
  • a municipal grant program that is tailored towards the capital investment of companies in this sector. The program determines, on a case by case basis, the eligible amount of infrastructure investment made by qualified and approved companies and reimburses up to 5% of this investment over a five-year period.*
  • negotiated water rate discounts for qualified and approved companies.*
  • power availability.

*Subject to approval by municipal council.

If you are considering a move into the new and dynamic cannabis industry, we want to talk to you! Come grow with us!

Transportation & Warehousing

Opportunities within this sector include engaging in supply chain storage, warehousing, and transportation of goods. Miramichi’s location within New Brunswick and its access to central road networks, airport, and deepwater port mean the city is well positioned to expand in the transportation and warehousing operations. Investors would be able to take advantage of the city’s affordability and its access to markets in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and the Eastern United States.