Strategic goals & objectives

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism group has established a strategy for growth that includes six broad goals and featuring 50 recommended actions.

People attraction and housing development
  • Grow the population to meet the workforce replacement demands and support growth industries.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient and appropriate housing to support population growth.
A sustainable economic development and tourism ecosystem
  • Establish a coordinated effort for public, private, and nonprofit partners in areas of common interest to grow the regional economy.
Sector development
  • Build on the Miramichi region’s strengths in agriculture and natural resource processing, construction, administration, regional services and tourism.
Capitalizing on the Miramichi River
  • Explore, develop and attract opportunities on and around the Miramichi River, leveraging its role as a hub of recreation, tourism and economic activity for the region.
Strategic tourism product development and experience development
  • Ensure that businesses have the resources to grow Miramichi’s tourism products and experiences to attract the right target markets.
Market differentiation
  • Ensure that Miramichi is investment-ready.
  • Identify and promote Miramichi’s unique value proposition for businesses, residents and visitors.

Miramichi has a plan for population and economic growth and retention

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Demographic Snapshot of Miramichi and surrounding counties
Indicators Total
Total Population 159,980
Persons with postsecondary degrees 55,665
Persons who speak both English and French 72,225

The above table details demographic indicators for the City of Miramichi and adjacent counties (Kent, Northumberland, and Gloucester), providing a full picture of the workforce that will be available within approximately 100 kilometres. Source: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey and Census, 2011.

Labour Force Indicators Total
Persons in labour force 78,265
Persons employed 64,760
Persons unemployed 13,505

Source: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey and Census, 2011.

Persons Employed by National Occupation Classification Total
Management occupation 5,355
Business, finance and administration occupations 9,590
Natural and applied sciences and related occupations 2,345
Health occupations 5,910
Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services 8,765
Occupation in arts, culture, recreation and sport 1,120
Sales and service occupations 17,310
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations 15,925
Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations 5,330
Occupations in manufacturing and utilities 5,135

The above table provides a breakdown of workforce indicators, including all persons employed by national occupation classifications. Source: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey and Census, 2011.

Leverage the unique advantages that Miramichi has to offer.

Diverse Workforce

Workforce indicators for Miramichi and surrounding counties demonstrate diversity in occupation in classifications, education levels as well as languages. The local community college trains cohorts of local and international talent.


Centrally located to serve a regional population of approximately 68,000 people. The city's location acts as a hub for a significant portion of the province.

Transportation Links

Highways, rail, air, and deepwater port access nearby

Access to Markets

The City of Miramichi offers many options for reaching your markets, or having your suppliers reach you.

Low Costs

When compared to other cities in New Brunswick, the City of Miramichi's rates for services like water and sewerage are among the lowest in the province.

Economic Incentives

The city offers a variety of incentives to encourage development in key sectors, including property acquisition.

Industrial Parks

The city currently operates and maintains two industrial park locations within its boundaries, each containing available properties for development.

Dynamic Downtowns

Uniquely, Miramichi is home to two downtowns and waterfronts that boast historical and cultural character. Both are open to investment.

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