Downtown Housing Incentive Program

Downtown Housing Incentive Program

June 1, 2020
Revised January 1, 2021
Revised March 18, 2021

The following represents an outline of the Downtown Housing Incentive Program referred to in the Economic Development Incentive Policy #111.

To attract and retain downtown residents by incentivizing the creation of new housing in the BIA’s. To assist in stimulating the development of more value-added businesses, services and activities. To Increase economic, employment and entertainment opportunities in the downtown. To financially assist qualified property owners and investors to construct self-contained dwelling units in the BIAs

1. Successful applicants will be eligible up to $10,000.00 per qualified dwelling unit based on the following scale:

Absolute square footage of each unit Grant Payable per eligible unity
Under 400 ft2 $0
400–599 ft2 $5,000
600-799 ft2 $7,500
800 ft2 or more $10,000

2. Grant applications that reflect design elements outlined in the Downtowns Miramichi Master Plan will be eligible to apply for additional funding under this Downtown Façade Improvement Program.

3. The amount awarded cannot be combined with any other grant programs of the City of Miramichi, subject to item 2 of this section.

4. Successful applicants that meet the program criteria will be issued a Letter of Offer demonstrating the City of Miramichi’s commitment to the project and outlining any conditions that need to be satisfied prior to advancement of funds.



  1. Projects must be located within the Downtown Residential Catchment Area (RCA) as defined in this document.
  2. Projects shall consist of the construction of new self-contained residential units with a minimum area of 55.7 m2 (400 ft2) and an average area of 74.3 m2 (800 ft2) within the project.
  3. Projects can include new buildings or existing buildings however the incentive will be applicable to the creation or addition of new self-contained units only.
  4. Projects must not be underway prior to the approval of the incentive application.
  5. Projects where the rent or sale value of the property is subsidized by any other government program, a non-profit organization or a cooperative are ineligible for this incentive.
  6. Projects must meet or exceed all requirements of the building code requirements as determined by the GMRSC – Planning Services
  7. If the project includes a commercial property within the Business Improvement Area (BIA), then the BIA Levy for the subject property (PAN) must be up to date and paid in full for the previous taxation year.
  8. The subject property (PAN) must not have received money from this program during the previous two (2) calendar years.


  1. All applicants must have a registered ownership interest in the property named in the application based on the Service NB Property Account Number (PAN)
  2. One owner may submit one application per PROPERTY ACCOUNT NUMBER (PAN)
  1. Contact the City of Miramichi, Department of Economic Development & Tourism as directed below to discuss the program and determine pre-eligibility.
  2. All projects under this initiative must submit a completed application with all support documentation and obtain final approval prior to the commencement of any work related to the application.
  3. Complete a signed Application form provided by the Department including all necessary supporting documentation as required on the application.
  4. All applicants will be informed of the final status of their application within 20 business days of the receipt of all necessary documentation.
  5. Upon approval, projects will be placed in a project queue which will reserve the approved funding until final completion of the project.
  6. If any development or building safety code permit lapses, project eligibility for funding can cease resulting in the projects loss of place in the projects que. This will occur at the sole discretion of the Department of Economic Development & Tourism.
  1. Successful applicants are required to provide a progress report when the project is 80% complete. (If indicated in the Letter of Offer)
  2. The successful applicant must allow the Department of Economic Development & Tourism Department access to the site upon completion of the project to conduct a final inspection prior to the disbursement of funds.
  3. Incentive grants under this program will be payable upon 100% completion of the project, including any applicable deficiencies, as determined by the City of Miramichi Department of Economic Development & Tourism in consultation with the GMRSC – Planning Services.
  4. Successful applicants must present the following documentation to the City of Miramichi, Department of Economic Development & Tourism prior to receiving reimbursement:
    • A signed certificate of completion of the project
    • Copies of all applicable permits obtained for this project
    • Any other documentation indicated in the Letter of Offer

For additional information concerning this program contact Paul R. McGraw.

The Downtown Residential Catchment Area (RCA) is defined as follows for each of the BIA’s

Downtown Newcastle Business District BIA

The area bounded as follows:

Beginning at the intersection of the Old King George Highway and Adair St. Following Adair St. to the Miramichi River. Following the Old King George Highway to the King George Highway and following the King George Highway to Newcastle Blvd. Newcastle Blvd up to and including Station St. Following Station St. to George St. then back to the King George Highway. Following King George Highway to Hennessey St and following Hennessey St. and ending at the Miramichi River. Both sides of all streets described, and all area bounded by those streets down to the Miramichi River is included in the RCA.

The Historic Chatham Business District BIA

The area bounded as follows:

Beginning at the corner of Queen St. and Howard St. following Queen St down to the Miramichi River. Following Howard St to University Ave then up University Ave to St. Thomas St. Following St. Thomas St. to the Route 11 Highway and back down to the Miramichi River. Both sides of all streets described, and all area bounded by those streets down to the Miramichi River is included in the RCA.

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