Façade Improvement Program

Façade Improvement Program

The following represents an outline of the Façade Improvement Program referred to in the Economic Development Incentive Policy #111.

To improve the overall attractiveness of the City of Miramichi’s Business Improvement Areas as a shopping and business destination. To assist in attracting and retaining tenants in the Downtowns by providing assistance to commercial property owners within the BIA’s to address issues relating to building facades in the designated area.
  1. Successful applicants will be eligible for up to 50% of their total improvement costs (excluding HST)
  2. The maximum amount of grant issued under this program will be $3,000.00
  3. The amount awarded cannot be combined with any other grant programs of the City of Miramichi


  • All existing commercially zoned buildings within the Business Improvement Area (BIA)
  • Grants will be assigned on a per property parcel basis
  • The BIA Levy for the subject property (PAN) must be up to date and paid in full for the previous taxation year.
  • The subject property (PAN) must not have received money from this program during the previous two (2) calendar years.


  • Applicants must be the commercial property owner
  • One owner may submit one application per PROPERTY ACCOUNT NUMBER (PAN)
  1. All projects under this initiative must submit a completed application with all support documentation prior to the commencement of any work related to the application.
  2. All projects must serve to improve the physical look of the BIA and can include renovations, improvements and restoration of facades (Streetscape only)
  3. Priority will be given to improvements using local, durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly projects.
  4. Priority will be given to projects that align with design guidelines and themes as outlined in the 2019 Downtowns Master Plan
  5. The following is a partial list of improvements that may be eligible under this program:
    1. Exterior architectural and decorative details
    2. Landscaping
    3. Cleaning or painting of exterior façade
    4. Exterior façade signage
    5. Replacement or improvements to exterior windows, doors, entranceways and awnings
    6. Replacement or improvement to exterior lighting or security features
    7. Other projects approved by the City of Miramichi
  1. Contact the City of Miramichi, Department of Economic Development & Tourism discuss the program and determine pre-eligibility.
  2. Complete a signed Application form provided by the Department including all necessary supporting documentation as required on the application.
  3. All applicants will be informed of the final status of their application within 10 business days of the receipt of all necessary documentation.
  1. Successful applicants are required to provide a progress report when the project is 80% complete. (If indicated in the Letter of Offer)
  2. Successful applicants must present the following documentation to the City of Miramichi, Department of Economic Development & Tourism prior to receiving reimbursement:
    • A signed certificate of completion of the project
    • Copies of all applicable permits obtained for this project
    • Any other documentation indicated in the Letter of Offer

For additional information concerning this program contact Paul R. McGraw.

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